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Tarballs of each software are in the author's repository.


fsyscall is system to transfer system call request from applications on FreeBSD to another machine. You can use FreeBSD applications on a non-FreeBSD machine such as Android tablet. The following link leads you to the documentation of fsyscall.


nexec is an application using fsyscall. It uses a local machine as slave, and a remote machine as master.

nexec client for Android

This is a service application for Android. You can use applications in a FreeBSD machine with this.

nexec client demo for Android

This is a sample Android application to try nexec client for Android.


This is an Android application to make stop motion movie. This is also an example of an application using nexec client for Android.


This is a photo book application for Android with drawing additional information onto photo and grouping.

from python import fun

from python import funは、プログラミングを題材としたマンガです。ひとりの女の子が、PythonFreeBSDでプログラミングを始めます。

from python import fun is a comic whose theme is programming. One girl starts programming with Python on FreeBSD.

Visit from python import fun's web site.

Unnamed Fukidashi font

24pt of this font

Unnamed Fukidashi font is a font for Japanese Comics. It is based on Takao Fonts. from python import fun is using this font.

GitHub is hosting this git repository.


rush is a interactive shell of run. rush's base is zsh, so rush's UI is same as that of zsh.

Visit rush's web site.

An Audio Player

An Audio Player is an audio player for Android. README is available at GitHub. You can install this software from Google play. GitHub is hosting the git repository.

Software (Out of date)

I lost interests for these software.


fawm is a small window manager. The documentation of fawm is in GitHub.


Yog is a script language. Yog is useful as Python, and looks like Ruby. You can start Yog from tutorial in the documentation.


corgi is a regular expression engine based on Python's one. Yog is using this library. The documentation is at GitHub.



This gif animation represents migration from HTML4 to HTML5. It bases on W3C HTML5 logo. For more detail, please see GitHub.

Unnamed Backup Tool

Unnamed Backup Tool is a backup tool whose page is


Flourish is a action game written in Yog. Flourish' page is e


sumix is a 1-CD Linux based on Tiny Core Linux. sumix includes Yog and Flourish. You can try these programs without installing them into your HDD. sumix page is



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